The beginning of a lifelong journey of faith

The Sacrament of Baptism at St. Matthew and our Mission Parishes:

  • Baptism Preparation is a prerequisite for all parents seeking to baptize their children.
  • Preparation for Baptism involves meeting with the Parish volunteer who assists with discussion and understanding of the Sacrament.  Classes are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of January, March, May, September, and November. Please contact the parish office to register for the class. If there are no parents registered, the class will be cancelled.
  • A form must be filled out requesting baptism of your child. You can print out the PDF form here: Baptism of a Child Form, or request a form from the Parish Office. The signatures of both parents are required on this form, and must be witnessed by the pastor, secretary, or Baptism Preparation coordinator.
  • Some of the information requested in the Baptism registration includes the baby’s birth certificate with both parents names listed; consent from both parents to have the child baptized and the names of one or two godparents/sponsors.
  • Baptism is usually done during Mass so that the Christian community can welcome its newest member and their family.

What is the Sacrament of Baptism?

Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life – the gateway to life in the Spirit and the door which gives access to the other sacraments.

Baptism is a lifelong commitment. It is an on-going relationship with Christ that lasts all our lives.

Your baby’s baptism is a time for celebration and joy. Naturally you want the best for your baby.  We hope to help you plan and prepare for baptism in the best possible way.

Baptism Preparation is designed to:

  • Welcome parents and invite them into a deeper involvement in the life of their parish community
  • Lead parents to a deeper understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism and the commitment it requires of them.
  • Help parents discern their readiness to celebrate their child’s baptism.
  • Support and strengthen parents’ relationship with the church
  • Prepare parents to enter into the liturgical celebration of their child’s baptism with “full conscious and active participation”.

Godparents / Sponsors:

  • One Godparent, male or female, is sufficient, but there may be two, one of each gender.
  • A Godparent must be 16 years of age, have received the three Catholic Sacraments of Initiation – Baptism, The Eucharist and Confirmation and are active in their faith.
  • When parents request the sacrament of Baptism for their child they indicate who the Godparents will be and verify they are qualified to be Godparents/Sponsors.
  • A Baptized person who belongs to another Christian denomination (e.g. Anglican, Lutheran, United Church, etc.) may be involved in the Baptism as long as there is one Catholic Godparent.  This person is called a “Witness” to the Baptism.
  • Godparents are acting as role models and official representatives of the Christian community who “sponsor” the child for initiation into the Church.
  • They are to assist the parents in the Christian upbringing of the child.

What are the effects of Baptism?

  • We become beloved children of God and heirs to God’s offer of eternal life.
  • We enter into the Christian community and members of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The life of grace begins in us, that is, we are called to the other Sacraments and we are dedicated to share in the mission of God’s people.